The Centre for the Greek Language was established in 1992.

It is a non-profit research state institute, supervised by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

It is situated in Thessaloniki [article no. 26 of Law no. 2083/92 (Government Gazette Α’ 159)].

It is an academic institution dedicated to the description and documentation of trends in the Modern Greek language at home and abroad (article no. 51 of Law no. 2413/96, Government Gazette Α’ 124).

The Centre for the Greek Language has been operating in accordance with Presidential Decree No.100/94 (Government Gazette Α’ 78), as it has been amended by legal provisions in paragraph no. 20 of article no. 59 of Law no. 3966/2011 (Government Gazette Α’ 118). It is the official state institution for providing the State Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek [article no. 1 of Ministerial Decision no. B7/255/98 (Government Gazette Β΄ 530)].