The Centre for the Greek Language is taking part in the “digital school” project of the Ministry of Education. The project aims at implementing and deploying digital media in Curricula, as well as in everyday classroom routine. In this section you can find material that CGL has developed, within the framework of the following Projects:

  • “Methodology formation for Digital Modulation of school textbooks and printed educational material for Language lessons, Digital modulation of school textbooks for Language lessons, Search for and adaptation of additional Educational material for Greek language lessons” (MIS 296442). Head of Project: I.N. Kazazis. The Project’s aims are: to develop the methodological framework (on the basis of contemporary scientific findings), to implement digitised school textbooks and digital resources in this framework, and to develop extra digital material, which will promote digital literacy, for the teaching of both Modern and Ancient Greek Language & Literature.
  • “Formulation of innovative methodology for educational scenaria based on ICT and formulation of educational scenaria for Greek language learning lessons at Primary and Secondary Education” (MIS 296579).  Head of Project: I.N. Kazazis. The Project aims to develop the scientific framework for ICT implementation in Primary and Secondary Education (Primary Education: Modern Greek Language & Literature learning; Secondary Education: Ancient Greek Language & Literature learning). It also intents to formulate innovative methodology for educational scenaria, which could be immediately implemented in school practice. Digital resources for the development of educational scenaria, as well as evaluation standards for these scenaria, supplement the said methodology framework.

The aforementioned projects are being developed within the framework of the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning” and are co-financed by the European Eunion (European Social Fund) and National Resources.


Projects’ sites

Psifides for the greek language & language education

Educational scenaria for language learning (Primary and Secondary Education)

E-community for teachers

Games to promote the joy of reading (for primary-school children)

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