The Centre for the Greek Language is acting as a co-operating, advisory and planning body of the Ministry of Education on matters of language policy abiding to the following principles:

  • The Centre for the Greek Language is an academic institution dedicated to the description and documentation of trends in the Modern Greek language at home and abroad. For this purpose, strictly scholarly methods are followed, and, consequently, ideological prejudice of any description regarding the fate of the Modern Greek Language is ab initio precluded.
  • The Centre for the Greek Language does not consider the present phase of the Greek language, comparatively or absolutely, flawed, and therefore subject to correction on the basis of linguistic models from the past.
  • The Centre for the Greek Language takes the view that the cultivation of the Modern Greek language is to be achieved not by normative restrictions, but by serious study of the language in all its temporary range and historical depth, chiefly through the study of exemplary texts.


  • research on Greek language and literature
  • research on language strategy and policy
  • certification of attainment in Modern Greek
  • production of teaching material, and anything else which contributes to the promotion and dissemination of the Greek language generally
  • support in the field of language of returning emigrants and Greeks abroad
  • support for teachers of the Greek language at home and abroad